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    Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland Double Ring

    “Alice in Wonderland is one of my all-time favorite books. And Cheshire Cat is a favorite character, mysterious, varmint, smiling no matter what. I want to learn this life attitude from him, so I created a jewelry piece to remind us not to be too serious!”

    The ring is not too heavy. It consists of two separate parts that perfectly match together as a puzzle, as well as they can be worn on different fingers.

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    This towel is vibrant to the point that it might outshine you. But being in someone’s shadow also prevents sunburn, so all good.

    The bright colors are achieved by layering cotton on the white side and polyester for the picture. This solution comes with an added benefit: the cotton side is very thirsty when it comes to absorbing the water off your body, while the polyester side is repelling sand.

    The towel is thin, light and extremely compact. Perfect for the beach, as it takes up very little space in your beach tote.

    Btw, the XL size is suitable for two people!

    The painting on the towel is designed and hand drawn by Garbanota.

  • 300,00 

    A silkscreen print by Estonian street artist Edward von Lõngus where you can see a policeman arresting a famous children’s book character called Sammalhabe (“Mossbeard”), who has cannabis growing in his beard. The author has said it’s a comment about the war on drugs. You can see the same image in Tartu opposite the state court stenciled on a wall.

    Edward von Lõngus is probably the most famous Estonian street artist. However, Lõngus never reveals his face; according to the artist, he doesn’t even exist in physical form. Read more about von Lõngus on Wikipedia.

    • Technique: silkscreen print, hand-made
    • Size: 30 cm x 40 cm
    • Paper: 960 g/m² (thicker kind, doesn’t crinkle)
    • Circulation: 100
    • Certificate of authenticity included 

    NB! Print is frameless.

  • 3500,00 

    SLÄP! Sticker Van is an international sticker exhibition on wheels that have been rolling around as part of Stencibility since 2018.

    The idea of SLÄP! grew out of love for the most miniature form of street art – the sticker. SLÄP! celebrates the sticker culture and shows its variety and worth as an art form. Throughout the years, over 300 artists from 35 countries have sent over 19 000 stickers, making it the biggest sticker exhibition in Europe. Want to see more? Check out the van’s Instagram here.

    The van works and is in fine condition but is not legal to drive on the streets. Inside the van there’s a gallery space. For more information, please write to us at hello@studioabsurd.com.

  • 65,00 

    Flat Face Exotic Cat Ring is inspired by sub nosed cats… Let’s celebrate all the shapes of all the creatures!

    • Material: sterling silver
    • Available in different sizes from US5 to US8.5
    • Packed in a jewellery box
    • Designed & handmade in Estonia