Big OM Choker Black and White


The OM Choker necklace‘s name is derived from the sound “OM” and is considered to be the word “of God”. It also is a primordial sound of the universe from which all other sounds and creations emerge. You can simply call it a Circle of Life.

  • Hand-made ceramic pendant
  • Chain length with tag approx. 80 cm
  • Precious 24K gold lustre
  • 24K gold-over 925 sterling silver chain and details
  • All items are unique and might slightly differ from the image

Shipping: 3-5 working days


SCULP Jewelry

SCULP Jewelry uses a combination of precious metals and handcrafted white clay to create uniquely made pieces that are filled with love, care, and warmth. The brand was established in 2014 by designer Elena Streckyte Jadello.
Sculp x Studio Absurd