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Official Moomin Product by Nordicbuddies.

Re-use cuts daily consumer waste and helps our planet. This cup is made of PLA, a completely biodegradable and renewable material. It looks like plastic, but there is no fossil-based plastic at all. Instead, the sleeve is made of food-grade silicone that can be recycled. The lid is made out of PLA, and you no longer have to worry about spilling the coffee. Cup’s capacity is 450 ml. The package is made of a carton.

Nordicbuddies launched at the end of 2019 to express our passion for the Moomin values. Based in Finland & Sweden, we felt a strong need for a Moomin collection for stylish young adults. We, the creators of Nordicbuddies, grew up with the 90s animation and are now adults and still big fans of the Moomins. We want to represent their story and values and invite the younger and older generations to join us!



The creators of Moomin by NordicBuddies grew up with the 90s animation and still consider themselves big fans of the Moomins, although they're adults for already a while now. Thus they felt a strong need for a Moomin collection for young stylish adults. Nordicbuddies is dedicated to offer the coolest Moomin items ever to meet your demands in quality, design and good vibes. All items are official MOOMIN trademarked products.
Moomin by NordicBuddies x Studio Absurd
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