Meerkat f_ck off – Oversized Swear-shirt


“F_ck Off” swear-shirt by Black Giraffe Brand. Show your pride by wearing this sarcastic meerkat saying cute things. On the back you’ll find hidden (but well visible!): “Mulle ei meeldi inimesed” (transl. I don’t like people).

It’s an oversize model, if you have doubts about the size, make sure to check the size chart below.


Black Giraffe Brand

Black Giraffe Brand places a strong emphasis on producing eco-friendly, high-quality products. Their t-shirts are made with 100% organic materials. The BG brand is committed to making a positive impact on the world, while also prioritizing style, creativity, and innovation. But above all, they believe it’s that little magical personal touch that has been added to every item, that makes them stand out.
Black Giraffe Brand x Studio Absurd


Width 49 cm 52 cm 55,5 cm 59 cm
Length 69 cm 71 cm 73 cm 75 cm
  • Washing instructions: Please wash and iron all the items inside out and separate the white ones from the colors.

Shipping out in 2-5 working days.