Metropolitan Rebel Earrings


Inspired by the grand urban mood, the Metropolitan collection Rebel earrings are of simple and trendy design. The brushed surface texture and pure accents create a desirable and luxurious piece of jewelry that fits well for every day and memorable moments. Designed in Estonia, Europe. Made of 925 silver.

The Metropolitan Rebel silver chain earrings are of conspicuous size: 22mm + 28mm. Available in silver rhodium or rose gold-plated finish.

MyaMoon is a jewelry brand founded in Estonia by a mother and daughter. Its jewelry is designed to be simple and timeless, complementing the wearer rather than competing with their style. The pieces are made with sterling silver and carefully chosen gemstones.

  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Finishing: silver rhodium or rose gold-plated
  • Dimensions: 22mm + 28mm
  • Designed in Estonia


Shipping within the EU: 4-8 workdays