Veronika Towel

45,00 70,00 

This towel is vibrant to the point that it might outshine you. But being in someone’s shadow also prevents sunburn, so all good.

The bright colors are achieved by layering cotton on the white side and polyester for the picture. This solution comes with an added benefit: the cotton side is very thirsty when it comes to absorbing the water off your body, while the polyester side is repelling sand.

The towel is thin, light and extremely compact. Perfect for the beach, as it takes up very little space in your beach tote.

Btw, the XL size is suitable for two people!

The painting on the towel is designed and hand drawn by Garbanota.



Garbanota products are a true reflection of her passion and vivacity: "Creating is my greatest passion, and I am fascinated by the energy that I convey to others through my art. I am grateful to those who support me and my work, as it is vital for an artist like myself." All items are designed, hand-painted and produced in Lithuania.
Garbanota x Studio Absurd


  • Very soft to the skin
  • Quick drying, light, compact and absorbs water perfectly
  • Washes well at 30°C
  • The fabric mixes cotton (55%) on the white side and polyester (45%) on the picture side

M size 75×150 cm
L size 100 × 150 cm
XL size 150×200 cm